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arrived safely and had first bad and good experiences - 03 December 06 - 16:17

So we arrived safely yesterday (Saturday) evening at the airport here in Seattle and my first experience with the USA was really not that good. Because we were flying business class we were able to get out of the plane and in queue for customs (does the word homeland security ring a bell....) very quick, but somehow I really had the wrong queue. Of the 15 people in front of me I am sure that 10 had serious language problems, missing bionic information or wrong passports, because in the end they started getting people of the end (!) of my queue to other, already empy, ones and I was really the last one out... grmbl..

But after that life turned out ok, we got our rental car and drove towards the town of Bellevue. Two of the team were staying at the Doubletree Hilton, and because they said it was booked out we only managed to get a room in the Coast Bellevue Hotel. But luckily, when we dropped off the two collegues at the Hilton we asked if there were any rooms free and they still had two single rooms for us, so fortunately we are now all in the same hotel.

So yesterday we fought the jet lag with a time difference of 9 hours and went out for a real american burger ;-) Yes, it was good, tasty, fat and unhealty... all the good stuff a burger needs.

Currently it is quite early, somehow that time difference is strange for the body, but after a quick swim and good breakfast we'll see..

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