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Jet lag after Microsoft visit - 10 December 06 - 15:39

Just yesterday morning we returned from our visit to Microsoft in Redmond, WA, and currently the first signs of a good old jet lag are showing up. The funny thing was that I had no problem getting to sleep yesterday evening, probably because the trip was quite exhausting. But this morning it was a different story, even though I slept 11 hours straight I could not get myself into gear and out of bed. I'm curious how it will be tomorrow, we're having a meeting at 9am :-(

Ok, the jet lag is doable if you look at the experience the trip was. We have had great discussions with some of the people at Microsoft and gained a good insight of their roadmaps and plans for the future. Also we were able to verify our ideas and architecture and took back some points of focus for the next steps in our project. And then on top of that I had the change to visit the States for the first time, quite interesting and I really liked the city of Seattle. Also the food was great, but it really seems to be true that if you want to eat healthy you have to spend a lot of money. We had fish several times, including crab, salmon and on our last night I had some kind of sushi-like tuna steak, all very delicious.

I'm already looking forward to the next trip, not only because of the shopping we did (see photo below):

A small shopping experience in the USA

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