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Rebuilding my office laptop - 25 December 06 - 11:12

Currently I am cleaning up my work laptop in order to have it reinstalled after the holidays. This machine has been in use for about 2,5 years now, in which I installed so many different kinds of software and development tools that it is really too slow to work with anymore. Ofcourse I've had the discussions with my collegues, about to do or not to do. Cons are definitely getting my machine up and running with the tools I need again, getting all links etc working, the whole nine yards..
But than again, since my current job is clearly transitioning from development and technical consultant towards more and more powerpoint and project management, I decided to take the risk :-) He, at least it gave me a good excuse to do some research on setting up my machine for my needs in such a way that is is easily transferred to other machines.

One of the good things I discovered for this was the Thunderbird Portable eMail application of Mozilla. This gives me the opportunity to install it on my flash drive, so I can have my personal email client always with me :-) Another thing is that I am currently extracting all my important links to an filebased link overview, if you have tips for me in this direction, please let me know!

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