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Entering 2007 - 01 January 07 - 17:27

So, that's done. We have made it safely in 2007, even though it seemed that all local Germans tried to shoot us to nirvana yesterday with all that firework in the old city of Nürnberg. We started the evening with a very nice diner with friends in the restaurant Miss Saigon, which is located here in the local train museum.

The food was really good and also the location was very nice, high ceilings and a small train that drove the sushi through the restaurant.

After that we went into the city of Nürnberg to celebrate newyear, but there it was so full of people that seemed to share the same genes (shooting with firework at each other, throwing firework towards us etc) that I had to think of the Darwin Award. But luckily we found a nice place to stay and had a good transition in the new year.

So, for all of you that we haven't spoken:

Happy New Year!

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