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Stupid provider Arcor - 03 January 07 - 13:44

Today I had an interesting telephone conversation with the user help desk of Arcor, my local telecom provider. It seems that somehow the cable to my house is not of top quality and therefore the 16Mbit DSL connection is not possible, the best they can do is 6Mbit.

The story how I found out about this is simplified something like this:

Martijn sends email with question why the dsl connection breaks down all the time

Arcor responds with a letter (!) in which they state that I cannot have 16Mbit and have to call them (!) to get it downgraded to 6Mbit.

Martijn calls Arcor (24Ct/Min !!!*()@)(*()*@) and they change the connection, but cannot explain why this has to be done after I got my connection for 16Mbit in the first place. And when I ask how we are gonna handle the cost for the last month, they say I have to send a letter to them ???

So email --> Letter --> Phone --> Letter...

Yes, we live in the modern stone age... thank you arcor, thank you bloody much (John Cleese Voice)

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