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Wooden Shoes - 25 April 02 - 14:13

When I was in Nuernberg for a short holiday about a month ago people kept talking to me about the famous things from Holland:

Frau Antje
Klomps, as in wooden shoes
The famous dutch drugs system

Well, Frau Antje was something new for me, because I don't like cheese (yes, I know!!) and in Holland frau Antje is not known at all. It is a typical Dutch invention for Germany, because it is the dutch cheese promotion girl in Germany.

Klompen, as we call the wooden shoes in Holland, is ofcourse something mucht easier to explain to them. Because the germans don't believe people in Holland really walk on wooden shoes I will bring a pair along to Germany:
Click to get a bigger picture

Ok, the drugs program is ofcourse always a hot topic.......I don't even want to start about that, just take a look here or here

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