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Apnoe experiences - 05 March 07 - 08:04

So, I've made it through the weekend. Everything went as planned, except for the concert of Juli, because somehow our friend lost the tickets... nothing you can do about the, right? Anyway, I did not think that was really too bad, because after spending the whole weekend doing freediving exercises I was quite exhausted.

So, about the weekend, it was really great. It was a mix of theory about freediving, which was not really new for me, and exercises in the swimming pool with the focus on techniques for safety and preparation. Because the pool was only 1m25 deep we did no deep diving of course, but we did dynamic with fins and static apnoe, where the goal is to immerse as long as possible.

Ok, now what did I succeed? Even though I have not been training for a long time due to my back problems I managed to do, to get a grasp of what is possible the world records in italic behind my numbers:

Unfortunately on Sunday I really did not have my day, so I was not able to exceed these anymore, but I do have the feeling there is more in there. So I think some specific apnoe training will be on my plan shortly :-)

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