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Uninstalling windows OneCare - 15 April 07 - 08:51

I've been trying out the current beta of Windows Live OneCare for 90 days now, and today it started nagging on activation. So you can activate it for three years, which costs $49,95 a year. Included in this price is the program with updates for firewall, virus scan, system maintenance and spyware cleanup. And now I'm installing it.

The funny thing is that I tried to activate it a couple of times in the last few weeks, I even had my credit card ready to punch in the numbers. But every time I got stuck somewhere in the process and never reached a site where I could pay for the service and really activate it. Today it really reached the last day of the trial and started nagging me. So I went out and actually started searching for ways to activate it. Doing so I came upon some sites with reviews that made me change my mind.

So now I'm going to install the stuff myself:

The only thing I still have to find is a good tool for system maintenance (I think I'll write some scripts myself) and create a solid backup system which includes offsite backups with my parent, online backups etc. I hope to steal some ideas from Scott here.

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