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Backup strategy - 19 April 07 - 15:00

As I mentioned before I want to develop a good backup strategy for my home pc. Currently I'm strying out this service called Mozy, who offer 2Gb (!) of storage for backups online. The data is encrypted using a personal key, so even they cannot read the data directly if they want to.

Still, uploading 1,2 Gb worth of data takes sometime when doing so using a DSL upload. They promise to have a smart incremental update mechanism which will increase the upload times after the initial update..
we'll see!

Example of Mozy backing up my files

Update: There is an interesting article on New York Times, amusing to read.
I will also check out XDrive, Carbonite

Another update:
I finished the first backup and after that mozy reallz gets quick. Therefore I've decided to invest the 5$ a month for the unlimited account and will now upload around 25Gb (!!!) of data, including all my photo's and mp3s.... that will take some time :-(

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