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A good diving weekend - 24 June 07 - 21:22

As I wrote we've spent this weekend at the Attersee in Austria in order to get the new members of our diving team through their diving examination for the CMAS * Bronze brevet.

We went there with 4 students (Alexandra, Claudius, Heiko, Raimund) and 3 instructors (Ingrid, Martin and myself), so we had quite an overkill of diving instructors :-) There were also 2 'normal' divers there, Rupert and Viktor, who just wanted to do some serious leisure diving.

On Saturday we managed to do all of the needed examinations, which allowed us to use the Sunday morning for some more practice with the ascending with a stop in 3 meter. After that we took our students down in the deep waters, where they experienced the cold and empty lake (20-25 meter).

The event was of course finished with the baptism of our four new CMAS * divers. I hope to put some photo's up here soon :-)


I just received this email, it is in German, but definitely the best compliment an instructor can get:
"Das Wochenende war sehr schön und als wir gestern NAchmittag noch baden waren, habe ich mir gewünscht nochmal Tauchen zu können. Es hat mir sehr gut gefallen und ich möchte bald wieder ins Wasser und üben und Fische gucken!"

And here the first of the promised photos:

Tauchertauf, here the students are 'celebrating' that they've made it

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