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Visit with Microsoft - 29 June 07 - 07:38

Yesterday I went to the small town of Unterschlei▀heim, near Munich, where Microsoft has its German headquarters.
We went there to visit an interesting business brunch on the topic of Business Process Management (BPM) and Workflows presented by Avanade and K2.

The start of the day was very good, because when I picked up the rental they asked me if we were only 2 people, and then gave me a Mercedes SLK Convertible. Very nice!
But I must say that it has some disadvantages. Because the weather was not that good we could only drive without roof in Munich, and guess what! On the highway this whole convertible tends to be very noisy when driving without the roof with 180 km/h.... strange fact, right?

But still, it was a good presentation and the drive to Munich made fun.... I think I broke a record in time :-p

Mercedes SLK

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