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Seminar Conflict Management - 13 July 07 - 10:00

Like I said I was on a three day seminar this week, which was very interesting but also very exhausting. The topic was communication and conflict management, which really takes a lot of energy. All together the results were very good, I think we all learned a lot during these three days.

We stayed in the Marriot near Frankfurt airport and it had quite a nice pool and sauna on top of the 12th floor. Just check out the view:

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At the end of the seminar our coach said "Well, you probably won't communicate for several weeks now, but that's ok".... and then I realized that on Thursday we had a lessons learned workshop of our project.... ouch! But that was ok, all went well :-) Now it is just the Friday for cleaning up old stuff (mail, tasks etc) and next week I'm on vacation. We probably go to the Netherlands .... if the weather is ok ;-)

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