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Vacation - 14 July 07 - 11:54

Finally we're having a week off, which we plan to spend very well :-)

This weekend we'll be in a small cottage near Amberg, where we enjoy the perfect weather and a nice fire and grill party tonight.
On Monday and Tuesday we'll be here in Nuernberg, using the time to fix some of those things which have been lying around for ages.

Then we'll drive towards the Netherlands on Wednesday, with the current plan to go to Enschede on Wednesday and then towards my parents on Thursday.
On Saturday we'll visit friends in Rotterdam and probably go to Hotel New York to end the day with a BBQ with the family at my aunts place. Then on Sunday it will be back on the road to Germany and on Monday back to work :-(

But the best thing is, I left my Laptop at work..... isn't that amazing... that will definitely help getting more relaxed :-)

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