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Shopping .... I mean visit in the Netherlands - 21 July 07 - 07:30

Not really what we planned, but we managed to buy a lot of stuff this week in the Netherlands.

On Wednesday we drove from Nuernberg to Enschede and visited Joost & Tanja. On the way we also stopped by at the University of Twente to have a look at the new offices of Medimate, the company of my friends Arjen and Steven. In the evening we had a nice grill party where also Saron and Steven joined us. All together very nice to be in Enschede again and see some of my old friends from the university, since it was quite long ago since I was there last time.

The next morning we drove to Huizen to visit my parents. There we somehow came to a discussion on pillows, because mine is older than myself I guess, and that there was a good shop in town. So we went to this Slaapmaker to pick up one of the better pillows for a night of test sleeping (great service by the way). Next to it was a furniture show which looked as it has a buddah for us (still looking), so we also stopped by there. ..... No Buddah, but two great glass vases which we want to use in our appartment.
Finally we made it to the pillow shop and got one of the pillows that I wanted to try.

Then yesterday we went to the cheese market in Alkmaar where we watched the carriers walk around with the cheese. In one of the narrow alleys around the old market place they had a lot of nice little shops. In one of them we found very nice cows (small ones for on the table) and in another we finally found our buddah. It is a nice wooden one, about 80cm high and very nicely carved.

After that we had the typical dutch lunch and went to the Broeker Veiling, which was very nice. Here we learned about how vegetables were auctioned until the mid 70s and had a nice tour through the protected area of the "thousand islands countryside". We also participated in one of the auctions to get the feeling and bought quite some stuff :-)

So, alltogether we're going home with:

Ah ok, about the pillow. I tried the one I got from the shop and also tried the one my father has currently, a Silvana Support Caresse. The latter one was definitely better than the one I got from the shop to try, so I will buy that one. It is a lot of money, but a good night sleep is worth something, isn't it?

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