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Installing Vista - complete update of my rig - 04 August 07 - 15:41

Because of the new hardware I got today I am now able to run Windows Vista in an acceptable manner.

I just installed the basic system, interesting enough I had undo some of the bios tweaks I've done over the past year which were no problem for windows XP. It looks like Vista is a little bit more naggy about this stuff, but now the system is running OK. I do not really like the fact that my experience score is 2.0 because of my video cart, I still have to work on that :-(

Now the whole installing procedure starts, and I have to check that my hardware is running Ok because I'm running Vista in 64bit modus.

This is the software which is (gonna be) installed:


Perhaps you've noticed that must on this list is also onthe list of Scott Hanselman , which is not so strange because I've used his one as a reference :-) I just wished I had the rig he is currently working on :-)


I'm currently fighting with my video card to get a good picture on my TV. I have a MSI FX5200 with 128Mb in my computer, but since Nvidia changed their configuration to the new Nvidia control panel I'm not able to get it working anymore.

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