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Solve the problems with FX5200 - PAL/NTSC - 07 August 07 - 07:21

I found a solution to get the image on my tv without having it all screwed up and black and white. It turned out that you have to change the localization settings from US to Germany to ensure that Vista knows you're having PAL.

Still this is very strange, in the old Nvidia advanced settings you could change everything you wanted and were able to fully configure your card. Now all of these are hidden (I hope) or completely removed (would make me sad). For example, I cannot tell my card that only the video image needs to go on the tv and when I activated the second (tv) screen my resulution drops to 1024x768....

Funny enough I haven't found much info on this on the internet, somehow it seems that I'm the only one with these problems....?

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