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Never again Fujitsu Siemens - 27 August 07 - 19:58

I just got off the phone with one of the most annoying technical help desks I ever had to cope with. Today I picked up my new monitor and it has one dead pixel just in the middle of the screen.
Because I was so naiv to think this was a technical failure I called their helpdesk (their documentation said not to call the normal guarentee for technical failures) and explained my problem.

The instance I said pixel that @$*()&@*)($ started going though a standard talk that dead pixels were not within guarentee and that I could read this everywhere in the internet. Grmbl..

Thank god for the 14 day return policy, which means that I will return this monitor instantly and get myself another one. But No Fujitsu Siemens anymore! No way!

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