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Bad week for driving - 30 August 07 - 19:57

Somehow this week was not too good for me for the driving part. On Tuesday I went to Leipzig for a meeting, a 275km drive, and of course I managed to get myself caught in one of those typical 'speed traps' where in the middle of the highway the speed limit is suddenly 100km/h for about 500 meters, and there was the radar.... That'll cost me another 50 euro, let's call it subvention for east Germany.

Then today, driving here in Nürnberg and I'm on the phone. Yes, I KNOW!

So there was a police car behind me and even though they were very friendly, it will cost me another 40 euro. I already got myself a device to put my phone in and tomorrow I'll install a car kit... grmbl.... don't laugh!

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