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Bachelor Party - 15 September 07 - 11:29

Today I had to get up quite early because I had a train to catch to Aachen, and the thing left at 06:01 AM (!!) This meant getting up at 5am, gathering all my stuff and enjoy a 4,5 hour ride to Aachen for the bachelor party of one of my friends. It will actually be the first bachelor party I have with one of my university friends, somehow all are getting married now.... makes you wonder, doesnt' it :-)

Anyway, we'll be with a small group, also some friends from Singapore and Washington are coming over, so there is no excuse for me not to come. The exact plan for today is of course secret (JT will probably read blogs to get info ahead ;-) but we'll sure have some fun. The only thing I'm not too happy about is that I have to get the train back on Sunday 10am already, so that probably means not too much sleep :-( :-(

After the weekend I'll tell how it was and were we went (at least were we pretended to have spend the evening ;-), no photos though gnagnagna

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