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Next trip to Holland - 21 September 07 - 06:23

This will be the third weekend on a row that I'll be traveling to the Netherlands. Last weekend we had the bachelor party of Jeroen and today he will say the important little word to his future wife, so again it is up early and getting on the train to Aachen.

It was a fun party. I arrived yesterday around 11:30am in Aachen and took a cap to the hotel in Heerlen, where already a bunch of my friends were. The only stupid thing that happened was that I, not too good early in the morning, forgot to take the tree I had bought as kind of 'Giftpackage'. So this morning my train was leaving and this tree was still standing in our living room. Bad luck. But then I called Niels, who lucky enough was able to buy a tree for us on the way here. So we changed it into a real moneytree and presented it during the evening :-)

Around 2pm we gathered in the oldest border station in the Netherlands, the home of the Zuid-Limburgse Stoom Maatschappij where the wedding ceremony was held. After the official part, which interesting enough was performed by the mother of Jeroen, we all went into the train and had a one hour ride in the classical carriages with the steam train. All very nice and typical for Jeroen :-) But not to worry, they arrived in a carriage with horses, so there was a good balance between the passions of bride and groom :-)

After that we moved to the party location, where we had a very good diner and after that the party started, with several 'stukjes' which showed the lives of Jeroen and Anja from very different perspectives. Here was also the moment to give them the tree, with the classical words:

"Ein Mann muss drei dingen im Leben tun:
- Ein Haus bauen, ein Baum planzen und ein Sohn gezeugt haben"

Especially the German colleagues new this of course :-)

After the end of the party, with lost of talking and dancing, we got the taxis back to the hotel and now it is too early again, and I have to make sure I get to the train.... back to good old Germany ;-)

Hopefully the travel is reduced after this, perhaps only a short trip to the states end of October and then 3 weeks Thailand :-)

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