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Lifehack: Start windows media player with 3fm - 30 September 07 - 10:28

Just want to post this small lifehack I build for myself. I like to listen to the Dutch radio station 3fm when I work at home, so I had a direct link to their stream as shortcut on my desktop. But as I have installed firefox as my default media player, things became too complicated.

Clicking the link would popup firefox, which would ask me if I wanted to download the link, then on clicking yes Mediaplayer would come up and firefox would remain in the background with an empty page. Not the way I wanted to have it.

So I searched for the parameters which could be used to control Mediaplayer from the command prompt and found this site on MSDN with all information. So now I have the following command as shortcut on my desktop:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Media Player\wmplayer.exe" http://www.omroep.nl/radio3/live64.asx

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