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Weekend - 01 October 07 - 08:18

This was again a very nice weekend :-)
It started a bit rainy as I went to Erlangen for the kids diving class, this time we had about 10 children eager to dive. The Saturday afternoon was spend with a wine tasting event, with four friends and little Sarah we drove to the city of Sommerarch, where we walked a bit through the winery and then enjoyed a typical franconian 'Brotzeit' and some of the local wines.

View on the winery, we were very lucky with the weather

Another great view..

After about 4 hours it was enough and we went home, of course packed with some wines :-)

Then on Sunday we drove to Manu's parents where we were invited for a great meal, they has fresh roasted duck with potato dumplings, just awesome. After that I helped here mother with the wine making. A couple of weeks ago I gave all of my wine making stuff to her parents and they are currently making different wines, and Sunday was the first pressing day. I was really a very long time ago since I've been doing this wine making, we used to do it a lot during university, but somehow the time and room (you really need a garden) was not there anymore.
But this time it was really fun, and much easier/better than doing it in my kitchen :-)

Working with the wine press, making sure all juice gets out of the fruit

The finished product, which will take some more time to get to wine

Filling the pressed wine back in the containers, where it will turn the sugar into alcohol with yiest

Then we drove to their weekend house nearby to plant a tree. This was the tree which was actually meant for Jeroen and Anja and their wedding, but I forgot it due to the early rise last week. So we decided to plant it here at the weekend house, and with that I have fulfilled one of my three tasks as man.

Creating the hole for the tree

The tree (yea a small one) is in and gets additional nutritious dirt

Proud tree planter

Because we were active in the garden anyway we decided to finish a task that was due anyhow, cutting down a tree. So we planted one tree and cut down another. That was a cherry tree which somehow did not bear fruit, and therefore had to go.

Preparing the tree by cutting away most of the branches

Preparing to cut down the big part... don't be scared

I think it is clear what is done here

And we are done, one tree down

So as summary, wine tasting, wine making, planting a tree and cutting a tree, all combined with great food. That is what I call a good weekend :-)

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