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Oktoberfest and few weeks until vacation - 05 October 07 - 11:41

Yesterday I was on the Oktoberfest for the first time in my life. Even though I was prepared for the worst, the sheer size of it blew me away. We were invited by one of our suppliers and had a table in one of the "Festzelts". Starting at 6 the band played different kind of music (thank got not only hoempapa music) and everybody started dancing on the beerbanken.

Because I still had to drive back to Nürnberg I wasn't able to drink any beer, which was definitely not a good idea. Somehow I really have the feeling this fest is better when drinking a lot, because that would make the fest bearable. Somehow it was not something I have to go to again, next time I prefer the berg :-)

Further I am currently really ready for vacation, but this Dilbert of Today did not help :-)

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