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BLTV-Ausbildertagung (dive instructor seminar) - 08 October 07 - 07:58

This weekend I spent most of my time in a seminar on diving. Each year the BLTV Landesverband is having their annual meeting for diving instructors, the so-called BLTV-Ausbildertagung. That is a two day seminar which we have to do a minimum of every five years to ensure we keep our instructor license. There was of course a lot of official talk on the strategy, new regulations and laws etc. But one of the talks was really good, here a pilot who was also a diving instructor discussed the issues with decompression sickness in a plane and what could be done there.

This can happen if somebody is dumm enough to go flying within 24h after their last dive, and in that case they have double trouble, because next to the sickness they are also responsible for the accident, something airlines like to sue over.

All together a very good weekend and I learned a lot of stuff. Also I met one of the instructors that took the exam with me in Teneriffa, and we agreed to look deeper into taken our TL2 next year (next level of diving instructor) :-)

BTLV-Ausbildertagung in Nürnberg 2007

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