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Auto broken again - 13 October 07 - 16:33

Yesterday we went to visit our data center in the city of Karlsruhe, about 2,5 hour drive (without traffic jams) from Nuremberg. Due to the distance we took a rental, but as we left early in the morning I already noticed that my car did not respond to the remote transponder anymore. So I expected the worst as we came back around 10pm. And yes, the remote control would not open the car anymore, and with that also did not allow me to start the engine (there is a circuit breaker controlled by the remote control in the car).

So I went back home with public transport and this morning I went back to the office to have the ADAC check on the car. They could not help me and towed the car to the nearest KIA shop, where they can have a look first thing on Monday. sigh.... never KIA again :-(

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