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Vista problems - 14 October 07 - 08:21

Strange thing happened today, as I logged in onto my home machine vista started to complain that my profile could not be loaded. And the worst thing was, it was not loaded! So I ended up with a default temp profile, where I had none of my settings etc.

Some searching on the web brought me closer to a solution, they suggested to have a look at the registry entries at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList\. So I went there with the tool regedit (Start, run, regedit) and found out that my original profile had a .bak behind it (somehow that did not change since the good old dos times :-)) and there was a new profile with exactly the same key, which was the new temporary profile I had.

So I removed the profile Vista added and renamed my old profile back (just removed the .bak) entry, and then it worked again.

Registry entry for the user profiles

But I still do not know why this happened.... some websites talk about it having to do with a missing network connection due to Microsofts new TCP stack, but that sounds very out of order..

Then I solved another problem I had, somehow Firefox caused my system to not understand the .xps (the Microsoft document format) anymore. Each time it would open firefox and then complain it could not load the file.

To solve this I installed the standalone XPS Viewer that can be downloaded from Microsoft.

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