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Stay in Chiang Mai - 05 November 07 - 04:44

Yes, again in the internet cafe to find out what a good place to stay in Chiang Mai is. As I wrote yesterday we have looked up the place the travel agent told us about and found only bad comments on it. So we searched the web and came up with some good places, the Chiang Mai Thai House and Smile Guesthouse. The Smile guesthouse provides both the normal guesthouse stuff as well as a so called Boutique Hotel, which is more luxerous and in a old teak house. Of course this is more expensive, but perhaps we just do that.

Further we will do our biking trip this afternoon, but unfortunately Manu is still a little bit ill, so perhaps she will just stay in the hotel and spend the afternoon at the pool while martijn is Biking through Bangkok :-(.

Then tomorrow we take the train to Ayutthaya, and after sightseeing the whole town we will take the night train from there to Chiang Mai.
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