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First day in Chiang Mai - 08 November 07 - 14:35

November 7th
After rested a bit we were fit again after the long train journey and ready to discover Chiang Mai. For this we decided to walk to a market (also because Martijn needed a t-shirt) and have a look there. We somehow lost our way while looking for the market and had to take a nice tuktuk to drop us off at the market :-) There we were first overwhelmed with the colors and stuff they sold there. It was not really a tourist market (but don't ask us what kind of market it was) and there was everything from a porks head, fish (alive and dead dried) and the most exotic spiced you can think off. Further there were all kinds of tools, clothing and finally we also found a place that had a decent t-shirt for Martijn.

We also had a nice lunch somewhere there and after this we drove back to the hotel and there we split up. Manu went to the "Chat with Monks" and Martijn thought it was time to get a nice shave at the local barber, after which he chilled out near the pool in our Guesthouse. By the way, the guest house Smile is really good, we have a nice room, a good pool and the atmosphere is very good. They even offer to store your luggage on the last day and have a shower for you if you take the night train in the evening!! Manu's chat with the Monks was very intersting, she talked to two young monks (22 and 27).

After we were both back at the guesthouse we went to the night market, where we did some shop shop and had diner. This is really one big tourist trap and you can buy everything you need and especially don't need.
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