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Preparing for Island & Beaches - 12 November 07 - 07:09

We are still so happy here in the Phanom Bencha Mountain Resort, but we did came to Thailand to try some of the best beaches in the World so that is what we are preparing for currently. Fortunately they have a good (free!) internet connection here, funny enough via satelite and it works good so we can search for the best places to stay.

As we started our journey we were keen on Koh Lanta, but while talking to some of the people who run the place over here we got another idea of the place. It is apperently quite big and there are really long ways between the nice spots, further it is crowded with the kind of tourists that only speak their own language and want to eat their own countries food while on holiday, no offense of course.

Then we got really enthausiastic about going to Koh Jum, which is a small rather undeveloped island where the atmosphere is not too crowded. Unfortunately the new diving center that should have started there (Blue Juice Divers) are still closed, as they wrote in an email. So there is not much sense going there as Martijn really wants to do some diving while here.

So currently we are focussing on Koh Phi Phi Don, the famous island. The following resorts we have in focus and requested some infomation:

General Information by TravelFish on Koh PhiPhi housing
Important, a map of the place

Tropical Garden Bungalows

Dive Centers
Harlequin Diving Center
Mosquito Diving Center
Phi Phi diving
Viking divers
Paradise Diving, Long Beach

Most dive centers ask 2200 bath for a two dive trip, which is about 50 Euro and therefore a very reasonable price.
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