Thailand 2007 - Blogging on our travel

koh phi phi was terrible, we moved to Koh Lanta - 14 November 07 - 10:23

We arrived in Koh Phi Phi yesterday and had much trouble finding a room, the one we found was much to expensive, very dirty and had no water. On top of it Manu got very nasty stinged by bedbugs, causing big itchy blisters on her right leg :-( Further the island is not so nice, due to the large amount of 'Ibiza-Tourist" :-( No more dream destination!

Therefore we decided to move straight on to Koh Lanta, were we are now staying in the Koh Lanta Palm Beach Resort. Much better, and here we can get a real beach time. Martijn can do some diving here with Palm Beach divers, much more expensive but worth it!
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