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Beach Time and more diving - 19 November 07 - 12:03

On Saturday we took the day to relax and do absolutely nothing. In the evening there were several parties where we were invited and we went to the one at Irie's. They had live music and later on a dj turned the tables, but by then we were already gone. Further we enjoyed a nice thai massage, which is great when you have a slight breeze from over the beach and the view on the sea :-)

We started the day with a nice breakfast at the Coffee Asylum, which kind of is our standard place to go to for breakfast and May and Michael are great hosts. There we spend the better part of the afternoon in hammocks reading.... very relaxed.

Coffee Asylum, Long Beach, Koh Lanta

Martijn relaxing on the beach in a hammock

And Manu relaxing on the beach in a hammock

After that we walked a bit up and down the beach and had some thai food probably .... not too sure anymore what we did, but it took kind of the whole day :-) Oh and by the way, the sunsets are beautiful here !

A great sunset on the long beach

On Sunday Martijn went diving again, this time to the King Cruiser Wreck, Sharks Point and Anemone Reef. Great visibility, great stuff to see:
Sea snake, again a sea turtle but this time swimming, boxfish, lot's of baracuda, lot's of moray eels, again a leopard shark, beautifill srimps, soft corals, hard corals, anemones all the eye could sea :-)

Manu spended the day on the beach again, enjoyed a nice coconut oil massage and in the evening we sat on the beach with a american-german couple we met. Very relaxed, again :-)

We slept in and in the afternoon we took a taxi to Lanta Old Town, where we had a look around. Then we went on to a remote beach where there were less than 10 people, including us, and enjoyed the water and small crabs.

Lanta Old Town

beautiful deserted beach in the south of Koh Lanta

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