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Diving in Germany - brrrrr - 16 December 07 - 16:44

Today Klaus and I drove down to the Steinbergersee for Adventstauchen. Unfortunately we were the only ones of our diving club to go diving, but at least we went :-) It was a beautiful cold day with air temperature of minus 2 degrees Celsius (about 28 degrees Fahrenheit) and the water was a nice 5 degrees. We went down nice and slowly along side the Rutsche until we reached the bottom platform around 30 meters. A bit further (at 38 meters) we turned left and continues at 270 degrees towards the Pumpenhaus.

Amazingly we say 2 fish around 25 meters, at this depth we have never seen fish before in the Steinbergersee ! Also there was a lot of green there, so this is good news for the lake as it is a clear indicator that it is getting better every year.

Just to compare, the dive before and this dive. A nice 24 degrees temperature difference!

Klaus is preparing the special

Lighting the candles, one of the important steps for this specialty


Check the ice hanging directly to the right of the diver...

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