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TL ** theory seminar - 18 February 08 - 11:01

Like I wrote before I spent the last weekend in the town of Buchloe (Southern Bavaria) for my seminar for TL** Diving instructor. It was quite interesting, as I found out that I knew all of the other 4 participants and we had quite a good weekend. In the morning Klaus Cepl, who runs the show, gave us much information on how the theory exam as well as the practical exam will be handled and many of our questions could be answered.

In the afternoon Dr. Andreas Stadler did a quick walk through of diving medicine and also there some deep questions we had developed during our study came up and were answered. We also practiced CPR, handling the oxygen system and measuring blood pressure.

So even through I was not too well that weekend it was really worth it and helped preparing for the big exam in one month :-)

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