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Ice diving @ Plansee - 18 February 08 - 11:05

This weekend we finally drove to the Plansee in Austria for a nice weekend ice diving. We left Friday afternoon with Klaus, Lars and myself and arrived shortly before six at the Plansee Camp where we were met by Udo, who would be our host for the weekend. We stayed in nicely built wooden bungalows, which were heated nice and warm.

Our Bungalow at Planseecamp - Called Regenhaus

Panorama view on plansee camp

The next morning we started with an introduction to ice diving in theory to ensure we new all the backgrounds. Luckily we did not spent too much time with that and soon we were out on the field practicing how we could handle the rope. That is quite important with ice diving, as we would be diving on a rope controlled by a ropeman.

Dry practicing with the rope diving in a beautifull scenery

After we practiced enough it was time for the first dive. The water was nicely 4 degrees celcius and the air temperature was about -14 degrees :D :D

Preparing for the first dive

Ready to go underwater

Most important man for the dive, handing the rope and security

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