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Weekend diving - 29 April 08 - 09:10

Last weekend it was again time for diving and this time my car did not broke down :-) Ok, I took some precautions and was picked up by Uwe so that I did not have to drive.
When we arrived at the Steinbergersee the weather was great, 22 degrees and sunny, so it was the perfect day for diving and for me to try out my new dry suit gloves.

Unfortunately I soon discovered that the dry gloves weren't that dry at all, somehow the method of fixing them to my dry suit is not correct, so I have to get back to Luna Sport to have that fixed. Somehow crazy, I have both the gloves and the dry suit from Northern Diver, but getting those two together isn't that easy :-(

The first dive was a nice 29 meter, 5 degrees cold dive. The visibility was very poor, due to the rain a lot of dirt flushed into the lake.
For the second dive I took one of our course participants from last year, who did her first dive after getting the diving card. Due to the fact that the visibility was so poor this was definitely not the best way to start diving again, but she did a great job.
The last dive was a bit deeper again, but still no visibility and no fish. I guess we have to wait for another two weeks for those again.

All together it was really a nice day of diving, mainly because of the weather which was great. When I got back home in the evening I had this summer feeling of being in the sun too long.... nice!

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