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Arrived in Altanta - 06 May 08 - 12:46

After quite a long flight (getting up at 4AM, arriving at 2PM but 6 hours time difference) we arrived in Atlanta after quite a comfortable flight. The airport of Atlanta is really very big, we had to go through 3 security/customs checks and had to hand over our luggage also again, and got it back after we drove a small subway. All quite impressing, and then we got our big american SUV car :-)

The hotel where we are staying is actually quite nice and provides everything including free high-speed internet, but no bar. So we got some beers to sit in the garden and wait for a colleague (Lorenz) to come by and pick us up for diner. This was just a private diner between the "guys from Siemens Germany" and it was nice to hear how Lorenz was doing here. Yes, we did enjoy baby back rips and they were really delicious!

But then the time difference stroke and we were all dead tired, so it was up to bed and fortunately I was able to sleep until 6am (last visit to the States was to Seattle, there the time difference was 10 hours and I was really wrecked) so I'm quite fit for the workshops coming up today!

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