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Housewarming - 18 January 09 - 16:06

Yesterday we had a 'little' housewarming for our friends here in Germany, who all wanted to see the new appartment :)
So after getting all the stuff in the last week and preparing on Saturday during the day the first people arrived at 19h and during the evening I think we added up to having over 50 (!) people in our house. There were times that the kitchen was so full that the only way to get something from there was asking several people to pass it on ;-) Which was ok, because this way others were making the Mojito's and Caipirinha's ;-)

We also got a lot of cool presents, the best one being "bread and salt" from my diving friends, and the bread was in the form of a mermaid:

Bread Mermaids are cool

Again many Thanks to Michael and Marcus!

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