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Operation "Repair Dishwasher" - 25 January 09 - 21:09

On the Sunday after our party I discovered that somehow the main control of our dishwasher was hanging loose, and after some checking I found out that some plastic parts within the door were broken, so that the timer was hanging loose and with it the control. First I wanted to get some glue and repair it with that, but that didn't really stick, so it was time to find some spare parts.... luckily the Electrolux homepage has a good webshop for spareparts and within two days I had the part I need (expensive piece of plastic, but ok).

So I had to get all the pieces together again, but unfortunately I had to remove about 14 wires from the timer clock to fit it all in and attach them again after wards.

Yes, good guess.. this made the fuses blow, because somehow I managed to get exactly the two wires that were not supposed to be together ... uhm... touch each other. After solving this the machine worked again and I was very proud of myself, this was real work and I felt like the hero of the day. To be honest, I even thought of changing my profession ;-)

Well.... end of the week Manu asked me if I knew why the dishwasher was not getting the dishes clean anymore :S :S
So again it was time to open the damned machine (fourth time again, I'm getting into record speeds here) and soon I found out that the problem was that the dishwasher didn't heat up anymore. Again this was one of the wiring problems, so after solving this (Manu already threatened to get 'real' mechanic to fix it... can you imagine how that hurts my engineer feelings!!) the dishwasher is up and running again...

I was happy too early, it seems that the clock is hanging during heating... :( No dishwasher

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