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Time to go - 27 April 02 - 07:05

Now it is really time to leave Enschede. This log will probably not be updated for a while, because my internet capabilities in Nuernberg are not as good as here, but hopefully we will have adsl on the 10th of May.

Today we will drive to Nuernberg with the Opel Vectra station rental car and our Pak-n-Bak rental trailer and drive the 565 km to Nuernberg. Because you are only allowed to drive 80 km/h with a trailer in Germany we estimate a trip of about 10 hours. And after that we will have to bring all the stuff upstairs, about 80 steps. My friend Saron doesn't know that yet, she will hear it when we cross the border, gna gna.

Sunday back, two last days in Holland and then to Germany again... man what is moving a nice thing to do.... not!

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