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First working day - 06 May 02 - 15:08

Today the first day of my assignment with Siemens AG in Erlangen and as expected not very productive, because of all the arrangements that had to be made before I could start. So they took a nice picture for my Ausweiß, had me informed that my computer was available but because the administrative person was not there it could not be delivered to my desk and of course there were delays with my login etc. Now I'm working on the computer of another student who is not in the office today.

Quite a nice system by the way that they have here for students of the universities of Erlangen and Nürnberg. Sometimes they pick out some good students and offer them a part-time job for 8-20 hours a week, so the students can pick up some experience in the business and at the same time earn some money to pay for there expenses etc.... quite a good system, perhaps interesting for companies in the Netherlands :-)

For the rest is life quite easy, only problems with the roommate of Aiyue shine a bad light on things. She somehow has decided that she hates the both of us from now, and instead of complaining to me she is giving a hard time on Aiyue...poor girl. But we will be only two weeks in this place, than two weeks to watch over the appartment of friends who are on holiday and after that we move to Erlangen to our new appartment (bigggggg, ca 80 m2).

Now back to the study, a lot of things to read, on- and offline!!!

Below I nice cartoon for e-Business interested german speaking people (I mean Jeroen):
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