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The passion fruit - 12 May 02 - 15:37

When I left my old student house my roommates gave me a book of K. Glastra van Loon, named 'De Passievrucht'.

The story is about a man who discovers that his son cannot be his, because a medical exam shows that he cannot have any childeren. Because the mother died years before, a journey to his past begins. Very nice to read on rainy sunday afternoons, as now in Germany:
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Till now I have had about three days of work, because thursday and friday were both free days here, so my first working week was quite short. Still very interesting, a lot of information is coming towards me and sometimes it gives the feeling it is all a little bit too much. Next thursday we will move into the appartment of friends of Aiyue, so that we don't have to cope any more with the roommate of Aiyue, who is giving us a hard time. Than it is time to pack all of our stuff and move to Erlangen, can't wait!


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