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Moving again.... (2) - 20 May 02 - 08:59

As I told I will move again in about two weeks, this time to the nice place of Erlangen (www.erlangen.de , www.meinestadt.de/erlangen). The last two days we have been doing our best to pack everything in the old appartment into boxes and had two move companies come by to give us an offer for the moving costs... I don't know why these people of move companies always look like half criminals, but they sure do.

Everything is nog well stuffed in boxes, again very amazing how much stuff you can find in an appartment. This week we will try to buy a car, we found a nice Mazda 121 comfort of three years old with all the extra's (airbags, ABS, electric windows etc). So hopefully we will be mobile before the new appartment is available :-)


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