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writers block? buy a car? oh well... - 22 May 02 - 14:55

At the moment I'm having quite a struggle with getting my research paper started. One of the main problems is that it is very hard to find good articles about the subjects eBusiness, environment and strategy, because I don't have access to the online paper databases I'm used to at the University.... By now I requested a special login for the university network with which I hopefully can search and download the articles I need.

Update: That is not possible. They can only give me an option to search in the databases, but not to download the articles... that is not going to help me very much now :-(

Oh, and we're buying a car tonight. We found a nice Mazda 121 comfort with all the extra's (airbags, ABS, extra winter tires etc) to make us happy and with a move up ahead it is quite nessacery too... So tonight we will go to the dealer and sign all the papers, and then it is the hell of going through the local administration here in Erlangen to get everything fixed. Today I went to the local administration office to register in Erlangen, but that took me long enough. I was almost completely happy when I found out that I could do everything I had to do in Enschede online.... amazing that the city council is that far already isn't it.

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