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Update - still alive - 10 June 02 - 12:28


I know it isn't the update-rate I promissed, but because I still haven't got any fast and solid thick internet cable going directly into my house the updates will be quite rare. Here at my work the policy of using the Internet for personal use is quite strickt, so don't expect to much from that either.

Well, what happened in the last few weeks. I move to erlangen, went to Ikea, got the car, almost went backrupt because of all the expences and put my kitchen together... quite busy indeed, thank you.

Ikea, I think I have to explain that one. Ofcourse it is not something I'm very proud of, but sometimes you have to do the things a man has to do... in this case unfortunately go to Ikea on a saturday morning. We had to have a big wardrobe to get all our clothes stuck up, and if you don't have a lot of money the I-shop is the place to go. Below you see a little bit what we have bought. Only four doors for us, and one with lades.


We also got a new bookshelve, see below


Nice eh, the Billy (why do they give things in Ikea always those funny names????

Soon some photo's of the new appartment available.

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