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Weekend - 06 July 02 - 14:57

Weekends are becoming to be very nice again. Last few weeks the weekend were just an opportunity to study for my final exam, but since that is all over I can use the weekend for usefull stuff... Nicoen and Nerden... I'm making a nice extra desk, because we have a little bit too much stuff to take care of and my own desk is already completely full..Below the picture:


This desk is quite simple, I just took 2 planken (??? what is the english word for that???) and put them together. This way I can still use them when the desk will make place for a guest bed to make some bookshelves. As you can see it is already taken by my server, so I can start playing with Linux again.... it was just too long ago ;-)

If you have a look at the weblog of Coen you can see that he accused me of things. It has something to do with the quote below (in Dutch):

01-07-2002 Teamgenoot over CoenB: "Ja, je weet hoe dat met die jongen is, op de avond heeft ie zuuulke verhalen, maar als puntje bij paaltje komt ligt ie 's nachts weer alleen in z'n slaapzakje. Coen is nu eenmaal een knuffeltypje.."

You're welcome Coen ;-)

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