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Weekend in Holland - 27 February 04 - 18:46

This weekend I will spend some time in Holland. I just arrived in Aachen, where I will visit Jeroen. He and his girlfriend have just moved from there appartment in the innercity of Aachen to a nice little house in one of the outskirts, looks really good. Jeroen came from Austria, where he was skiing, the )($))@$@)()@, and we met in Cologne on the trainstation.

Tomorrow we will drive all together (Jeroen, Anja and me) to Amsterdam to visit Hans, who will give hit birthday and housewarming party, because he also moved to a new appartment, although that was longer ago. And then on Sunday it will be back to Erlangen, so quite some travelling this weekend. :-)

Yesterday I spend the day in Munich, where my boss and I had some sort of emergency-get-the-project-back-on-track and get-a-good-overview-of-the-actual-problems meeting with another department. Quite nice actually, my boss let me handle the whole meeting and I have the feeling we got some good results, all the critical points are now clear for everybody, so they can be solved (or not and we cancel it ;-) and also the first boost for project structure went quite ok. Gives a good feeling ;-)

Direct after that we had a "Stammtisch" with the Trainee@IT programm and went for "Karpfen essen". Also very nice

So now time for some food, Jeroen and Anja are cooking for me, not bad!!

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