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Sentimental and nice music evening - 28 July 02 - 23:19

Today I really had a very nice evening. Although I had severe problems with my computer, see below, I had time to just do a lot of things in our appartment and even have time to sit outside on the balcony and enjoy the nice weather, with a Zindorfer Langbeer and a nice cigar with it (Still thanks for those Fenno, I'm still enjoying the ones you gave me on my goobye party).

The last part of the evening I'm using to listen to the music of Harrie Jekkers. One of the best of his songs is never published on an album, only on the one 'Het geheim van de Koffietent'. For people who are interested please listen to it here.

Click to hear Harry Jekkers - Mijn Moeder

Sometimes when I'm listening to his songs I'm thinking back to the old days, like the last year on highschool where it seems that everything was possible..... to bad it all went over that quick :-(

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