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Holiday - Part one - 10 September 04 - 15:32

Ok, time for a post on our two week holiday in Toskane.

Because my Aunt got married in the Netherlands we were forced to travel from Germany to Italy through the Netherlands. For those that don't have any knowledge about how the europeon countries are organized lately, this is not the most direkt route. So we decided to take the plane to Bergamo, where we arrived Monday morning early at 08:15, after getting up reeeeeaaaaaaly early. In Bergamo we got our rental car (a tiny Fiat Punkto) and went to pick up the niece of Aiyue. For me it was the first time to meet some direkt relatives of her, so although I was not able to speak with them it was quite nice. After all the formalities we got in the car and drove to Pisa, where we watched the famous tower hanging over and got our first italian icecream :-)

Then we drove on to our camping place, a little town called Marina di Bibbona near Cecina, where we were at the campingplace Le Esperidi, a very nice camping directly next to the beach in a pineforrest. There we met Bernhard, Claudia, David and Franka, friends of us that were there already and were so nice to bring along a bunch of stuff from Germany, because things like Diving Equipment, Tent etc was too much for us to take in the plane.

Because of the heat we were in the sea quite quickly, with 23 degrees very nice to go bading there.

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