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AAAARHG - 18 August 02 - 13:45

Bikes..... you can't live with them, but you also can't live without them...

Today the weather was so nice that I decided that is was time to finally repair the holes in the tires of my racing bike and take a nice long tour here in the surroundings of Erlangen.... After repairing 4 (!!) holes, I finally could pump some air in the tire without it getting flat imediately... So I put them back on the bike, pumped all my tires to the appropriate pressure and dressed for the tour... Just get some water in my flacon, and ready to go... where is my bike, a, there it is.... AAAAAAAARG.... the back tire is again flat! AGAIN!

Sometimes you have the feeling the day just doesn't like you and the best thing to do is go back in bed and pretend the day never happended.... this was my day, but with this nice weather I cannot go back to bed...... I wish it would rain!

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