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People keep suprising me - 22 August 02 - 15:54

Sometimes one can be very supprised by how childisch people can be. At the moment I'm doing my master thesis at a staff department somewhere with Siemens, and we have here some very well paid consultants walking around. Still some topics are handled like I'm working with a group of first-year students at our university. I have the feeling that most of the meetings we had with Scintilla's Operator Team or the Lustrum Commitee at our study association Scintilla were more professional than here :-)

Take for example the moving we are doing now. Next week our whole department, some 12 people, will go to an other building. There the place (in square meter) available is less then here, so we all have to give up a little bit. Since most of the people working here are much underway because of the consulting business, this should be no problem. Still some people arque many hours about where they want to sit, what they need at the new place and that it is all no good.... Even if so, the decision has been made and their is nothing we can do about it, but apparently that is not enough.....

Most funny is that these people are the people with the highest degrees, all PhD's .... perhaps promoting is not a good idea after all :-)

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